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We're not Alone

The exhibition "We’re Not Alone" presents examples of art’s possibilities and potential in the current era. It is an attempt to propose a reading and a formulation of social practices in art by examining several case studies from different places.


The exhibition stresses the method’s portability potential, by attempting to extract a model of action from each of the presented projects. This is done by translating the original action to a new art space and a new context: from the original community, the one in which the action was taken, to the local community in which the exhibition is presented—all this to create a network that shares knowledge and experience, a data bank of art and society.

The exhibition introduces proposals for making models of projects. Each project is presented on several platforms:

  • As an art object—an outcome of the action.

  • As a body of knowledge acquired in the course of the artist’s research and based on the experience he has accumulated.

  • As an infrastructure put in the service of the local public.

Mai Omer, Eyal Danon 2013

Participating artists :


Doulas Paulson

System Ali


Fritz Haeg

Center for Urban Pedagogy

Arteam, Interdisciplinary Art

Interview with the Artists
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