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Ulam (Gym)

Mai Omer, Luciana Kaplun, Ira Shalit 2014- ongoing

Ulam is an ongoing art project, that I am one of its founders.
The project had trasnformed a public building (once served as a school's sports hall), into an alternative infrastructure for social action. The Ulam is home to various activities that focus on self-expression and leisure culture; it is a place to hang out, create, and learn new things. The Ulam is collaboratively designed and operated by  the artists, and a group of teenagers living in Jessy Cohen neighbourhood in Holon, Israel. 

The Ulam is a homey place outside home. It provides both privacy and community. A place that, above all, makes one feel belonged.

The Ulam was built in the spirit of 'Do It Yourself'. It is a dynamic space that varies in accordance with the user’s activity. It can be used to hold lectures, screen films, hold parties, gatherings, and workshops; the existing infrastructures can be used, and new ones can be built.

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